How to prevent your electric bicycle from being stolen by others?

How to prevent your electric bicycle from being stolen by others?

1. When you enter your information on the order page, make sure that they are accurate, do not enter your mailbox address because we cannot send the electric bicycle to your mailbox. When you purchased the Varun electric bicycle, make sure to contact the courier company (UPS or FedEx) in time to ensure that you are at home when your Varun ebike is delivered.

2. Make sure not to forget to purchase a high-quality U-lock or chain lock and get used to locking it when not using it.

3. If the Varun electric bike you purchased is expensive, we recommend purchasing a locator and installing it on your ebike. When your e-bicycle is stolen, it will provide you with great help.

4. Do not park your electric bicycle in one place for a long time (for example, a week or more).

5. Don't lend your electric cycle to others for a long time, because others may lose it.

None of us want your e-bike lost, so it's important to develop a good habit. When riding, you can carry some simple tools to deal with some unexpected situations.

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