Why are Varun electric bikes cheaper on Amazon than on varunebike.com?

Why are Varun electric bikes cheaper on Amazon than on varunebike.com?

Why are Varun electric bikes cheaper on Amazon than on varunebike.com?

Varun e-bikes are sold on Amazon at a lower price because customers on Amazon generally prefer to purchase affordable products. Therefore, we developed a budget version of the Varun e-bike specifically for sale on Amazon.

On our website, varunebike.com, we sell Varun e-bikes of higher quality with superior components, especially the battery. The Varun e-bikes sold on varunebike.com feature Li-ion 10C batteries, which have a similar cost to Samsung batteries. Additionally, the warranty period for Varun e-bikes purchased on our website is longer than those sold on Amazon.

Varun Ballistic 26'' Fat Tire Elektro-Mountainbike – Varun eletcirc bikes (varunebike.com)

You might wonder why we don't use Samsung batteries. We would love to use Samsung batteries as they carry a strong brand reputation. However, we have faced frequent stock shortages when trying to source Samsung batteries. In 2021, we experienced a situation where the battery factory we ordered 100,000 Samsung battery cells from refused to provide them or significantly increased the prices. This led to a three-month period of zero inventory for Varun e-bikes and had a significant impact on our brand.

After multiple internal meetings and discussions, we decided to seek a new battery to replace Samsung batteries. With numerous options available in the market, our technical team conducted three months of testing and eventually selected Li-ion 10C cells. These batteries offer performance comparable to Samsung 40T cells, and the battery manufacturer also supplies batteries for several mainstream electric vehicles. Ultimately, we established a partnership with them.

We sell higher-quality Varun e-bikes on our website, varunebike.com, because we are committed to building the Varun brand. We want more people to know about Varun and embrace Varun e-bikes. Our goal is to establish varunebike.com as the platform for Varun e-bikes, which requires offering products of higher quality than those available on Amazon. Amazon is not suitable for brand promotion as it primarily focuses on sales volume and revenue rather than naming or branding products.

Each Varun e-bike on varunebike.com has its unique name, such as Ballistic, Rhino, Sleeper, Envoy, Altus, and many more. These names are carefully selected through extensive research and are not just random numbers or codes. We treat them like our children and take pride in naming them. We hope these names resonate with customers, and when you purchase a Varun e-bike, we want you to proudly identify and call it by its unique name!

If you have any questions, you can contact us through varunebike.com. Our website provides the parts you need, and we are here to answer any inquiries you may have.

Varun Ballistic 26'' Fat Tire Elektro-Mountainbike – Varun eletcirc bikes (varunebike.com)

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